Choosing between chemical deep cleaning and steam cleaning for your carpets

Deep cleaning is very different to general cleaning in a number of ways. Firstly, the equipment used for deep cleaning is often very different to the general cleaning equipment that you may use such as mops, vacuum cleaners and feather dusters. Many companies that offer services for chemical deep cleaning have specialized equipment to ensure the area is cleaned deeply.Steam cleaning is also a deep cleaning and is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that more than 90% of bacteria and dirt is removed from your carpet. It also reaches all the way down to the lowest pile of carpets, resulting in more effective cleaning. Steam cleaning is excellent for ground in or difficult stains on your carpet. Proper chemical cleaning as well is also deep cleaning, albeit with use of a chemical solution to remove dirt from your carpet. Some of the solutions are also called dry shampoos as they use significantly less water than steam cleaning.Chemical deep cleaning uses less water and the cleaning aspect is taken care of by the chemicals, therefore your carpet will dry much faster after cleaning as there is less moisture to evaporate once cleaning is done. On the other hand Steam cleaning uses water heated to high temperatures; therefore it can take longer for carpets to dry after treatment. In most cases, depending on how thick the carpet is and the cleaner’s extraction system it can take up to several hours to the next day for your carpet to dry. For clients who want access to their rooms or offices quickly, this is an important consideration to take into account when choosing a deep cleaning carpet method.When considering which carpet cleaning method may be best for you, it is important to consider the benefits of each of the two methods of deep cleaning. The method you choose will depend on your needs and concerns. Deep chemical cleaning gives you both the advantage of deep cleaning your carpet with the use of chemicals that are user-friendly, resulting also in your carpet drying up in no time. Arguments can be made for both sides, steam deep cleaning or chemical deep cleaning. With the right chemicals and an expert carpet cleaner, there is no need to be concerned about whether the chemicals used can affect you or leave a residue on your carpet.


handy cleaning tips


A toothbrush is just the right size to scour around the faucet knobs on your kitchen sink, in the crannies of the drain, or along the seam where the sink joins the counter. If the grout around the sink has been discolored, brighten it up with your cleaning toothbrush , All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach to remove stains like those from food, greasy soil and mold & mildew. (Since the toothbrush may cause splatters, be sure to wear old clothes.)